why are you mad at me?! this isn’t my fault, you’re just being stupid.
now I’m gonna look bad because of your fuck up.. you just never listen to anything anyone says other than yourself.

Dreams and emotions

I’m just so angry and upset with you I just I have no clue how to feel at this point. You made me just feel this feeling that I never felt with anyone else but I guess all the shitty feelings that I feel because of you outweighs the good. I would like to say I’m done with you, but I am just so unsure in myself. I thought I found my dream girl, but I guess the reality behind that dream wasn’t true this time. I thought I met the girl of my dreams but I guess that day is put off for a while.


If only I did go to your school, if only so many things. It lost it’s meaning after all of this but I’m still just so hurt and can’t stop thinking. I shouldn’t have allowed myself to feel this way for you, but you just seemed so perfect because you are.. to me at least. All this has made it so much harder.